About Us

‘Eat Millet’, established in December 2018, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coastal Foods India. We, at Eat Millet, have successfully setup the highest production capacity plant in Pedavadlapudi region of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, which is equipped with unique procurement techniques, state-of-art machinery and best-in-class R&D professionals. Over the years, millets have gained a lot of popularity but often fall short when it comes to serving tasty meals or snacks. But we are here to change that! We have embraced R&D programs that facilitate the production of delicious, supplement-free food that is 100% safety norms compliant. And that’s not all. It is also our mission to bring you best in class millet variants that feed not just your stomach but also your soul!

Our Story

Have you ever watched grandma prepare a meal? It starts with the careful selection of fresh ingredients in the market, then it’s prepared with the utmost attention before finally being served with a hearty helping of love. Eat Millet was born from this idea - to serve food, the way grandma would!

With the taste of love, the aroma of memories and the flavour of wisdom.

We’ve carefully selected farms to source our produce, made sure our ingredients are preservative and additive free (we even stayed away from gluten and sugar!) and ensured highest quality control - to make sure that the food you eat feels fresh, flavourful and full of love! Made with India’s oldest superfood, millets, our recipes are wholesome, healthy and tasty. Just the way grandma brought her wisdom of nutrition on a plate, we’ve spent hours perfecting every recipe to bring you delicious and nourishing goodness that you can relish, every day!


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